Recently, the rights to this erotic romance reverted to me.  Yesterday, I finished polishing it and sent it to my editor at The Wild Rose Press.  So, hopefully, soon it will be re-released. I don’t know if it will still carry the same title.  Please look for it.  I will announce its release…far and wide.

Here is a portion of the synopsis sent to TWRP:

Salseth is a demon with majestic wings…much to his detriment. Not only do the other demons ostracize him, the angels hate him and likewise wish to destroy him. Gloria Landry is disillusioned with love and doesn’t believe in angels, but when an angel rescues her from the upheaval of the elements caused by the Apocalypse, her opinion about angels changes.

At the eleventh hour, the angelic demon and the skeptical Gloria race toward Armageddon.  In the shadow of doomsday, on a reckless bid to gain Seth’s freedom from Hell, this unlikely couple discover lust and love in their purest forms.






A brother finds his sister to be the most desirable woman in his life.  Asher and Lily dance around committing the forbidden act while their need for each other grows. Again and again, they narrowly escape being caught  but once they have begun their passionate affair, they can’t stop. When his mother tells Asher a  secret about his birth, he must  choose between his legacy and Lily.


I smiled, studying her as if she were some long-lost treasure.  She gazed into my eyes.  I couldn’t look away. Or simply didn’t want to—ever.

She stroked my hair, and a sleepy arousal awakened. I ran both hands through my hair, elongating my body, teasing her as she teased me with her flirty gestures.  Her gaze drifted over me from my chest down my body, up my legs to linger on my cock, sculpted in denim.

“Look at me, Asher. It feels so good when you look at me like that.” Dangerously seductive, but oh how I loved it and wanted her.

With a hot gaze, she stripped her t-shirt dress over her head and stood naked, beautiful for me to worship. Her breasts were high and firm. From her slender waist, her hips flared in a sexy curve. Her legs were long and silky. I remembered them locked around me, and my cock hardened.

Raw animal magnetism sizzled between us. If we’d wanted to stop, I’m not sure we could have. Only the sound of the door would halt my forward advance.

I held her gaze as I walked slowly toward her. “I’m coming to claim you.”

When I arrived, it seemed I’d made the longest but sweetest journey of a lifetime. I laid my hands on her shoulders but didn’t yet try to kiss her. There was so much I wanted to say before we made love, but her tremor of acceptance sent electricity zinging through me. I shed my t-shirt and jeans, joining her dress in a colorful spill. She ran her hands beneath her tits and pointed the hard nipples at me. Her lower lip  quivered, but I didn’t sense any reluctance in her stance or her smile. I looked down at the solid bar of flesh standing at attention between us. She winked, stepped close, took my cock in her hand, messaging it gently.

“Are you happy?” I whispered.

“Very.” She locked her arms around my neck…


Lot’s Cave

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Sometime early this year, I hope that Sinners’ Opera will be released by The Wild Rose Press!  The manuscript is under contract, and the editor has my suggested reactions to the rewrite process.

I’m sorry I won’t be able to use this lovely cover created by my son for Double Dragon Publishing.  I have one copy of this first edition if anyone is interested.  The price is $19 including shipping (US only) and, of course, will be autographed.  Email me at Nitethyme 2003 at yahoo.com.

Sinners’ Opera is a vampire paranormal romance starring my favorite hero, Morgan D’Arcy.  Read all about him on his page here on the blog.  Also, the first edition is described, along with the book video on its own page here.  This is the book of my heart,

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Videos by O created a video (I wrote the script) for Legacy of the Stars!  Here it is:

The rights on this book reverted to me a couple of months ago, but I was finishing Legacy of the Stars and let it sit in the computer.  I picked it up a couple of weeks ago and am now on the final read-through/polish to resubmit it somewhere.  I think I’ll try Boroughs Publishing, a new publisher with Chris Keesler (formerly of the defunct Dorchester) at the wheel. Or I’ll send to my editor with the request she send it to the Scarlet line.

Here’s the opening of the first chapter:

Chapter  1

The stench of Hell burned Salseph’s nostrils.  Lost Souls¸ how he hated to return home.  For all his trials on Earth, he preferred the human realm to this insufferable place.  In the mortal plane, he could, with considerable effort and pain, divest himself of his wings, and feel as if he belonged—at least for a time.

Evolerzzal, a slimy glob of green flesh, grabbed Seph’s shoulder as he passed into the gloom of the Demon Realm.  “Well, if it isn’t Salseph the Beautiful.  What are you doing here amongst us humble creatures?”  A clawed hand beckoned Charzzel, a demon of the Second Order.  “Look who’s come home.”

Seph shrugged free, vaulting his wings skyward.  The dim, smoky light refracted on his feathers, and the movement immediately drew the attention of every demon in sight.  His jaw tightened, a muscle twitching.  He yearned to drive his fist into the grotesque face and take to the air, but it wasn’t Evolz’s fault the demons hated Seph.  Paimon had insured that Salseph was an oddity, a freak.  His appearance and the majestic wings set him apart from the others.  Hell, there were no others of his kind.  In all of Perdition, he was the only demon who looked like an angel.  His face was handsome, his body lean and muscled—the body of a man, not a monstrosity. His blond hair fell thick and silky to his shoulders, not the coarse wisps atop most of the demons heads.

“I smell angel,” a low-ranking atrocity shouted, his high-pitched voice rasping on Seph’s nerves.

The demons stank of brimstone and ash.  His creator had only missed one detail in replicating a celestial being.  Like each angel, he possessed his own mysterious scent, the airy fragrance part of his allure.  Unlike an angel, he had no sigil.  A sigil, the angel’s name in Malachim script, was branded in his celestial palm at his creation.  Paimon lacked the ability to bequeath a sigil to his demon son.  The fallen angel had, however, created Seph with irresistible sexual magnetism.

A disgustingly ugly brute bared his fangs, a laugh rumbling from the creature’s slavering maw.  He stumbled into Seph, crushing one of the long white feathers trailing the ash-gray ground.  “Hello, Salseph.”  Two taloned fingers drifted down the feathered arch.  “Wish I had pretty wings.”

He flinched from the malicious caress, folding his wings in a tighter arch.  The creature chuckled. A hot burst of anger ground Seph’s good intentions to dust.  When he’d landed, he’d planned to hurry to his cave, avoiding another senseless confrontation with his brethren.  The fiends detested him no less than he abhorred them.  It was an effort of will to resist a scathing retort.

“I think he’s hideous,” a demon in the shadows called.  “Angels are our enemies.  Every time I look at Paimon’s favorite, I want to draw sword.”

Jealousy and envy gleamed in Evolz’s yellow eyes.  The demon reeked of the Pit.  Sulfur wasn’t an enticing perfume.  “Now, who would want to spit our lovely Salseph on a sword?”

“Let me pass.”  He’d have shouldered by Evolz, but touching the creature repulsed him.

“Coming home from another assignment?”  The high-ranking fiend smirked.

Seph refused to give the other demon the satisfaction of a reply.  He was returning from another demeaning mission with his stomach in a knot and his heart bleeding for a poor human woman whose only sin was loving with him. As he’d been created and commanded to do, he’d left her in emotional ruins. He was shamed and disgusted by the painful tasks he was hard-wired to carry out. Secretly, he longed for a woman he could love and, knowing what he was, she’d love him in return.

“Did you eat her baby or pump a little half-demon into her womb?”  Evolz leered, his glob of a head tilted to the side, his hairy ears wagging.

“I don’t consume human flesh.” Seph shot the monster a disdainful look. “Now, step aside.”

“Or you’ll do what?  Report me to Paimon?”

Seph flared his wings, striking Evolerzzal and sweeping into a stumbling retreat.  “Sorry, Evolz.”  He drove his wings down hard, rising straight into the sultry, close air.  Voice dripping sarcasm, he said, “I forget how powerful I really am.”

He hovered above the vile blob, his condescending smile, goading Evolz.  The demon glared at him but said nothing, a quick comeback beyond his limited mental capacity.  Why were they all so fiendish?  One of the ogres snatched at his ankle.  Laughing, he flew higher and, still chuckling, soared toward his cavern—the place he hid.  He’d never thought of the dim stone cave as home.  His heart stuttered over raw pain.  He had no home and belonged nowhere.

On a sulfurous breeze, Seph glided to the rocky shelf at the mouth of the cave.  The other demons remained together, the Realm their only habitat.  He’d discovered a large fissure where he could imitate real life, transporting human furniture to Hell and, modifying the chairs to accommodate wings.  Stone walls overcame the heat, the cavern cool and dim.  Mica sparkled in the floor.  He unbelted his travel pack from his waist, tossed the leather satchel on a polished cherry table and sighed.  In a gold mirror, his reflection mocked him.  Sometimes, life didn’t seem worth the living, but there was damned all he could do about it.  He was immortal.  His appearance allowed him no friends among his own kind. On the human plane, he had no contact with men, only women whom he must reduce to begging and tears.

To her detriment, Leslie had loved him. She’d lost her husband, her home, everything she’d been, all because she’d fallen for her ‘angel’. Days, when she was alone, she’d allowed him to come to her, then they became bold. He visited nights when her husband traveled out of town . After almost a year, Hubby’s suspicions had taken them to divorce court.

Guilt haunted the recesses of Seph’s mind. Sometimes, like now, he couldn’t escape it. He wasn’t proud of what he’d done. No, not a whit. His past and future were doors to shame. Memories drove him to a chair by the fire. He let his thoughts wander over the time he’d spent with Leslie.

With her long red hair, green eyes, long legs and shaved pussy, she was as hot as any pinup. Every time, the first time, she wanted it hard and fast—instant gratification. Then she was up for foreplay. She liked to suck his dick. When she did, her mouth expertly caressing his cock almost tossed him to his knees. He opened the door to the past, images and emotions flooding back.

It warms up here, and I’ll stop even though it is an erotic site.  Look for the announcement of the release by whomever of On Wings of Desire.


My new taboo book  is now available from Lot’s Cave Publishing! Drop by and take a look!  http://www.lotscave.com/ebooks/author/bianca-swan.php. I enjoyed writing this sci-fi taboo story.  There’s nothing subtle about Legacy – no more than Her Brother’s Wife.  Price is only $4.99.

On Wings of Desire

Not long ago, the rights on this novel reverted to me from DDP, and I set about rewriting and polishing the book. Yesterday, I finished polishing it, but now, after comments on some of my other books, i think I’ll write an Epilogue showing what happened to the characters after the formal ending. So, I’m contemplating an Epilogue.  Problem. I don’t know what happened to them!  So, I’ll put on my thinking cap and come up with some fate for Gloria and Seph, the demon who looks exactly like an angel.

No biggie because I don’t know where I’ll send it once I’ve finished playing around with it.  My TWRP author is too busy to take on another submission at this time, so I’m thinking Boroughs. My friend Toni was accepted by them, but then she doesn’t write erotic content. So, we’ll see what destiny lies in store for On Wings of Desire.