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Before the interview, I want to thank Linda for helping me celebrate my new release, That Monroe Girl, which is out today.

And Ilona has been kind enough to bare it all today!

What is your greatest temptation…           

In men: Anyone with a sense of humor who can make me laugh.

In food: Gooey chocolate anything!

In clothes: I tend to wear casual clothes most of the time.

What is your greatest weakness? Well, besides chocolate, puppies and kittens tend to make me into mush. Yes, I’m one of the rare ones who likes both dogs and cats.

If you could have any kind of car, what would it be? I would say either a late fifties Thunderbird, or a mid-sixties Mustang. I think those were two of the coolest cars ever made.

Your dream home-mountains or ocean? That’s a hard one. I love both, but if I had to…

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Source: Tuesday Two-Minute Writing Tip – Sample Edits from Linda Nightingale’s WIP, Royal Secrets

Author Alicia Dean

Got two minutes? Then check out this week’s quick tip ~ An edit of a few pages of Royal Secrets

Hello and welcome…I am a freelance editor and an editor for The Wild Rose Press, as well as an author. I often struggle with my own writing, and I have found that sometimes, a little reminder of ways to improve the process can be helpful, so, I like to share these moments of brilliance with others :). But, in this busy world of ours, who has time for pages and pages of writing tips? That’s why I’ve condensed mine down to quick flashes you can read in (approximately) two minutes. Enjoy…


Disclaimer: All of my tips are suggestions, and are only my opinion. And, for the most part, there are exceptions when going against my advice will make your story read better. Take what works, leave the rest.

Today, Linda Nightingale has…

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Linda Nightingale...Author

kathy croppedVeronica will be giving away a beautiful hand-made zippered case in Valentine’s theme fabric to one lucky commenter!! And we love comments!

Interview with Meghan Muldoon, Director of Crime Victims Service, from the novella For Keeps, a February 2016 release out of the Candy Hearts series from the Wild Rose Press

Where are you from, Meg? I was born in Limerick, Ireland but emigrated to the US as an infant. My parents were inn keepers in Ireland and settled in a region termed by locals as the Irish Alps in the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York. Many Irish immigrants settled in the area over the years, hence the nickname.

Tell us a bit about For Keeps. It is about my struggle to balance my vocation as aperf5.000x8.000.indd victim advocate with my personal relationship with police detective Keenan Rossi. Working with victims of violence fulfills me professionally and spiritually…

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Here’s her new cover for the Morgan stories (his darker side is featured in Vampyre Interlude).  I love it!!!  Soon from The Wild Rose Press.



Linda Nightingale...Author


The Flaws of Romance

Fiction needs conflict to be compelling. Romance sometimes gets a bad rap for being light and fluffy and not as “serious” as other genres, but I’d argue it’s especially crucial in romance to have those flawed characters and imperfect situations. After all, who wants to read about two nice, attractive, well-adjusted people meeting each other, deciding to date, and having everything work out swimmingly for them? Even though that’s probably what happens in real life much of the time, it’s not very interesting.

Enter Ro, the main character of The Fall of the Midnight Scorpions. In a way, it was easy to create her flaws when writing because the book is a sequel. In its predecessor, Disintegration, she serves as the love interest and not the protagonist, but she comes out of that book worse than how she…

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Christine Young

Please welcome Linda Nightingale author of Love for Sale.

Linda Nightingale will be awarding a sterling Silver and genuine turquoise earrings valued at $45 as well as Author-signed swag (US/Canada ONLY, a international winner will receive a choice of one digital book of Linda’s) to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.


Love For Sale

by Linda Nightingale



  1. What or who inspired you to start writing?

A very long time ago, in another century (1990s), I read the Anne Rice novel The Vampire Lestat. That book inspired me to pick up my pen again after not having written anything since my teens. Sinners’ Opera, then called The Vampyre Effect, was the first book I wrote. I loved the hero and followed him everywhere—to parties, concerts, but not the bathroom—and the manuscript grew to over 1,000 words. Needless to say, it had to be trimmed considerably…

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