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Raziel and the Book of Magic

Raziel was known as a holy angel in the apocryphal lore. In the Book of Enoch I, he is mentioned as one of the fallen Grigori. He was the resident of the nether realms and commanded 365,000 surrogate spirits to do his bidding. He also revealed the secrets of astrology.
In the teachings of the Jewish mysticism, Raziel is the Keeper of Secrets and the Angel of Mysteries. His name means, “Secret of the Lord.” In some of the teachings he is known as the chief Ophan in the rank of angels called the Ophanim. The Ophanim first appeared in the Book of Enoch. These Biblical beings are like the Seraphim and the Cherubim. They never sleep and watch over and guard God’s throne. Raziel is often described as having blue wings and a glowing yellow aura around his head. His gray robe has a liquid-like appearance.

Raziel is also associated with the Sephira Chokmah in Briah. This is one of the four worlds of Kabbalistic theory. The book of Raziel contains all the secret knowledge and is considered the Book of Magic. It is said that Raziel stands close to God’s throne where he writes down all that is discussed. Raziel supposedly gave the Book of Magic to Adam and Eve after they were forbidden to return to the Garden of Eden. Raziel’s hope was that Adam and Eve would find their way home again. As it is written, the other angels didn’t approve of Raziel giving the book to Adam and Eve. They stole the book and threw it into the ocean, but God didn’t punish Raziel. He retrieved the book and gave it back to Adam and Eve.

According to some, the book was passed on until Enoch received the book. It is believed Enoch incorporated his own writings in the tome. After Enoch, Raphael gave it to Noah, who used the tome to build Noah’s Ark. The last recorded writing about the book, stated it was given to King Solomon.

Blurb: Lucca: Warriors for the Light (Fallen Angels, Book 2)

Lucca Marlowe is half human, half angel, one of the Nephilim. Banished for crimes against one of his fellow brethren, the elders bind his glamour and wings, casting him to the human’s realm. He’ll either learn to respect his human side of existence or live out eternity trying.

Lucca does not live a mundane life. Angels and demons demand he do their bidding. His estrange father resurfaces after centuries of being absent and he’s brought a friend from Hell.

To make his life more complicated, he fears he found his soul mate in a human female. Only Juliet Romeo has a secret that will bring the wrath of Heaven down upon their heads. It’s a race against time to find out who will end up with his soul.

Excerpt: A snippet from: Chapter One, October 1593, London

“They draw near.” He glanced at his son and she couldn’t mistake the love that shone from their depths. “If only I had more time,” he murmured.
Juliet didn’t know if the statement was meant for her or for Owen. He stood taller now, those all so silver-blue eyes dimmed before his eyelids slid over them, hiding their radiance in humble submission. Her brows furrowed at the gesture. This strong, tall warrior gave her reverence. “I give you my son of my blood and your beloved sister’s to keep safe.” He bowed, holding Owen in his outstretched hands like an offering.

She stared at him in disbelief, but her feet moved forward and her hands snatched the child from him, holding him close. “You have my word. I will raise Owen as if he were my own.”

His gaze found hers again and those eyes lit from behind, the color so bright she wanted to look away, but could not. “So be it,” he said the words like a prayer, binding her to her pledge. Then he released his invisible hold on her and she looked away, drawing in a breath. “Let the babe rest,” he said. “We have much to discuss.”

She had more than a few things to tell him herself. She placed Owen down, covering him with blankets so he would not catch a chill. She turned to speak to Rafe, to tell him she didn’t need his help, but the words lodged in her throat. A yellow aura surrounded Rafe’s head exaggerating his dark strands. In place of his fine threads, he wore a gray robe. The light from the fireplace danced upon the fabric, making the threads look as though they were made of water, shimmering and flowing like liquid, but the most troubling features were the blue feathered wings sprouting from his back in a majestic display of wonder.

She shook her head. “No. My eyes deceive me.” Only she knew this wasn’t true. In a blink of an eye, too fast for a human to move, he stood in front of her. Before she could run, his hands clasped either side of her head, his palms on her ears and his thumbs on her temple. It was not a fierce hold, but she couldn’t move, couldn’t speak. Light shone around him and his large beautiful wings, the color of frosted blue, shimmering like jewels in the sunlight, spread wide. “Do not be afraid,” he told her as he stared at her. He was reading her mind. She could feel him probing inside her head like tiny fingers moving aside her thoughts, shifting them to reveal all she was.

He told her not to be afraid. How could she not be when she stood before an angel who could read her thoughts? In a few moments he would know all her secrets.

“You’ve tasted the blood of the Nephilim,” he said. “This is good. This is very good.”

Her brows furrowed. She didn’t know what he meant. “I know no… Neff Linn.” Tasted blood? Her tongue felt thick and useless in her mouth. His eyes glowed more silver than blue as his hold on her strengthened. Then he pushed inside her mind again, but a different intrusion. Images, places and people, who wore strange clothing, flashed inside her head like a dream.

Only she did not sleep.

Rafe spoke, but his lips did not move. “I’m teaching you the ways of the world to come, for you may not stay in this time and place. I am Raziel, the angel of secrets and mysteries. I will access the time portal.”

Stop. She tried to tell him, but he wouldn’t listen. He filled her head with knowledge and confessed his sins to her.

“I fell in love with your sister even though it was forbidden. I will accept my fate and take the punishment, but I will not stand by and let my son suffer for my sins. You must raise Owen in another century.”

No. Her lips would not obey her to speak the word, but she shouted in her mind and knew Rafe… Raziel heard her.

“Do not fight me, Juliet. Think of the pledge you swore to Marie. Remember her. Do this not for me, but for her.”

Her eyes filled with tears, blurring her vision, but still it did not release her from Raziel’s grip. Marie was gone. Owen was all that was left of her dear sister. At all cost, she must keep Owen safe. She promised.

Her shoulders relaxed in acceptance, letting the magic wash over her.

Recommended Read at Talking Two Lips: “Karen Michelle Nutt has written an exemplary story with a wonderful world building and character motivation. Lucca: Warriors for the Light will break your heart, and then put it back together again. Although Lucca’s story can be read as a stand-alone, I highly recommend reading the story of Eli: Warriors for the Light first to fully grasp the change which occurs in Lucca from his condemnation to his redemption. I loved the way Ms. Nutt intertwined the real history of Kit Marlowe and Will Shakespeare into Lucca: Warriors for the Light.” Reviewer, Mac

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