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I awoke this morning to a new comment for approval on one of my posts for Lisabet Sarai. I clicked into it, duly approved, and was happy to find that the commenter had reviewed one of my books on her blog. (Since The Gatekeeper’s Cottage deals with incest, it is not on Amazon). Anastasia gave the short story a glowing review that I’d like to quote to the world!

Instead, dear readers, I will give you a snippet and the link.  I’m very happy with this review, and you will see why when you read it.  Thank you, Ms. Komarova.

“I was immensely impressed by the quality of her work. Despite the short work of fiction, she was able to bring the sights, sounds, and sensations to life, in a fluid, if not poetic manner.” – A. K.

The Gatekeeper’s Cottage, by Bianca Swan

Happy trails, all, until we meet again!


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Videos by O created a video (I wrote the script) for Legacy of the Stars!  Here it is:

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My new sci-fi erotic novel has been sent to Lot’s Cave and will soon be available on their website and at other on-line retailers, including Smashwords. I don’t have a cover yet, but…

Legacy of the Stars features brother-sister incest. If you want a taboo erotic romance, Legacy is 158 steamy pages. Here is the blurb:

After their father’s death, Lily and Asher lived the life of a mom and dad—keeping house—except for the sex. Eventually, it had to happen, the little tastes in the shadows no longer enough to satisfy the desire raging between them. Brother and sister fell into bed and into forbidden love. They expected to always stay that way until Lily announced she was pregnant…and a stranger arrived with a tale from beyond the stars.



I looked up when a light tap sounded. The doorway framed Lily, wearing nothing but a tremulous smile. She was turned slightly, one hand on the door frame. The hall light sculpted her figure, highlighting the gentle curve of her breasts and the sensuous shape of her hips. My gaze drifted down her long legs, returned to her ivory mound. My pulse quickened, heat searing through me. I was still dressed, and my cock strained in my jeans. Seeing her this way was better than in a sexy negligee.

My surprise and pleasure probably showed on my face. Her beauty and raw sexuality drew a moan from me. “Come in. You look ravishing, and if you don’t mind, I’d very much like to ravish you.”

She whispered a sexy laugh and stepped over the threshold, gazing at me with darkened eyes. I was sure mine were darker blue. Intensity sang in the air. My heart caught, even though desire coursed through me. She reached behind her and set the lock. In one instant, she stood simply staring at me, and the next, she hurled herself across the room onto the bed beside me.

“Hello,” she purred. “Want some company?”


Back with details later!

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