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Recently, the rights to this erotic romance reverted to me.  Yesterday, I finished polishing it and sent it to my editor at The Wild Rose Press.  So, hopefully, soon it will be re-released. I don’t know if it will still carry the same title.  Please look for it.  I will announce its release…far and wide.

Here is a portion of the synopsis sent to TWRP:

Salseth is a demon with majestic wings…much to his detriment. Not only do the other demons ostracize him, the angels hate him and likewise wish to destroy him. Gloria Landry is disillusioned with love and doesn’t believe in angels, but when an angel rescues her from the upheaval of the elements caused by the Apocalypse, her opinion about angels changes.

At the eleventh hour, the angelic demon and the skeptical Gloria race toward Armageddon.  In the shadow of doomsday, on a reckless bid to gain Seth’s freedom from Hell, this unlikely couple discover lust and love in their purest forms.




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