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This book from The Wild Rose Press is featured today on DBL First Chapter.  Drop by and keep Linda company and read the first chapter of her Romantic Suspense about people who love horses.  Becca and Austen rush to catch a killer before death catches them.


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GamblersChoice_w9208_750Take a look at this beautiful new cover for Linda Nightingale’s upcoming release from The Wild Rose Press.  Gambler’s Choice is about the equine circles of showing and eventing.  It’s a romantic suspense with a gothic flavor.  Debbie Taylor created this cover.

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Great Review for Hot Spanish NightsThe cover for my Hot Spanish Nights is out from of the contest, but this phase of the judging is by popular demand.  The cover is HOT with a naked man, a blonde bombshell and a beautiful Andalusian horse, all of which star in this scorching novella.

Your vote would be most appreciated.  It’s quick and easy.  No registering or any of that nonsense.  Take a look and see if you agree.




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Welcome Michael.  I understand you are a professional horseman.  We share that love of horses.  May I ask you a few questions?

What was your childhood like?

I grew up surrounded by horses. My father was a renowned show jumper in the eighties and horses have been in my life forever. My relationship with my parents was…and still is, strained at best. I love my mom very much but the behavior she’s tolerated from my father is hard for a child to understand or forgive.

Now I’m older, I see she was a woman in love but also a woman who enjoyed the wealth and notoriety being married to my father brought. As for my father…let’s not go there.

You’ve recently spent a lot of time with a local journalist, Caroline James. Do you want to tell us about that?

fidgets before turning steely eyes She wanted a story from me – a story she hoped would catapult her career to the City. We met under tense circumstances. We needed each other.

And now?

And now things are…developing. That’s all I have to say.

What do you do for fun?

Training my horses is my work but also my fun. I’m with them as many hours as possible. Fitness is ultra important to me so I swim and play squash as much as possible. I’m also learning to have some down time recently – let’s just say decent food, great wine and a phenomenal sex life can turn a guy’s head from what he thought important before he met a certain someone.

Do you see children in your future?

Yes. As many as possible. I love kids and have a lot of love to give. If God blesses me and they come along, they will be my focus entirely.

Quickie Questions, Michael.  Don’t think, react.

Favorite food?


Favorite drink?


Favorite TV show?


Favorite Book

Anything by Dick Francis

Favourite Artist/Band

The Killers

Thank you, Michael.  I hope things go perfectly for you.  As a horsewoman, I understand your passion.  Michael and Caroline’s story!

TeachMeToRide_w7805_750 (2)BLURB:

Caroline James wants to be the best investigative journalist London has ever seen. But until she has the money to leave the small town of Fayre Mead, she’s stuck and her resentment is building. So when she’s assigned to cover the Lakeland Horse Trials and meets sexy, dark-haired, and astoundingly fit horse trainer, Michael Canton, she is happy to vent some sexual and emotional frustration…and write the story of her career. But after getting personal with Michael, can she remain impersonal with the article?

Michael Canton will do anything in his power to silence his tyrannical father once and for all. Under extreme pressure to compete in the countries show jumper trials and prove his worth, Michael’s fiery emotions are running high. Caroline’s beauty and sexual confidence stokes an inner strength and determination he never knew he had. But can he trust her to know the difference between fact and fiction? Together, they are a formidable team…but will their burning ambitions ultimately blow them apart?

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Still sitting in his lap, she reached behind her and lowered the zipper of her dress. It fell down over her shoulders, revealing naked breasts. His erection ached at the sight of her creamy white, perfect tits with nipples big and dark. He licked his lips and moved forward to suck one hard tip into his mouth. Her gasp sounded above him.

Her skin smelled of something sweet and sexy, innocence mixed with danger. He inhaled deeply as he grazed her pebbled nipple with his teeth before reclaiming her mouth. Her tongue was rigid and demanding against his as they fought for supremacy.

Rolling her over, he shimmied the dress down her body and tossed it to the floor. Naked, but for tiny satin panties, darkened by juices at her clit, Michael didn’t think he had ever seen a woman look more beautiful. He drank in every inch of her, knowing deep inside that this might be the only moment he’d ever see her like this. The only chance to take her, to watch her enjoy unadulterated pleasure. God, he wanted to give her pleasure.


He snapped his gaze to hers. She watched him. Her eyes were heavy lidded, screaming for him, wanting him. Male pride surged like a fireball behind his ribcage. He crawled up beside her and kissed her, his fingers trailing over her breasts, lower over her torso before diving into her panties.

She was wet. Soaking wet.

His hand glided over her narrow strip of pubic hair to her rigid clit. He circled, stretched, and teased, then moved lower until his fingers found her slit, his blood roaring in his ears. He felt alive, masculine and powerful. Her legs opened and he thrust two fingers deep inside.

HotSummerSands_w7160_750 (2)MEET THE AUTHOR:

Rachel Leigh lives in the UK and has been married to her own sexy hero for fifteen years.

With four novellas contracted with The Wild Rose Press, Rachel is busy plotting her fifth, sixth and seventh. She plans to venture into the historical genre for the first time and write a trio of novellas set in a small English village in the early1900s. The characters we meet aren’t quite as prim and proper as they seem…

When Rachel isn’t writing, she’s reading, watching TV, running around after her two daughters….or playing with her husband.






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Hello Bianca, and thanks so much for having me as your guest.

 Anyone who knows me, knows I have three passions – writing romance, my native Wales, and horses!

 I’ve been crazy about horses for as long as I can remember. We were never particularly well off and although I lived in a small seaside town surrounded by beautiful countryside, we didn’t have our own land. However, my father, realizing my love for horses, arranged for riding lessons for me at the local riding school, and I used to spend every spare hour there, mucking out and grooming to earn extra rides.

As soon as I left school and found a job I saved up for five years to buy my dream horse, a 15 h.h bay  part-bred Thoroughbred mare, Flikka.  I  had really wanted to work with horses, but was persuaded to take a ‘safe’ secretarial job.  In a way it was just as well.  Grooms and stable girls earned very little in those days, and I probably wouldn’t have been able to afford a horse of my own. Plus, learning to type has been very helpful in my writing career! I bred four foals from Flikka, including a beautiful part bred Arab, who I named ‘Evenstar’ who I kept until her untimely death when she developed arthritis. Flikka lived to the ripe old age of 35 and I still have very fond memories of her.

 I kept Flikka with a friend who bred Welsh Cobs, and developed a keen interest in the breed. There are actually four types of Welsh horse and pony – Sections A, B, C and D. The Welsh Mountain (A) is small and stocky, with a very ‘Araby’ face and  large eyes set far apart, The Welsh pony (B) is a couple of inches taller and more finely built, The Section ‘C’ is a small Welsh Cob and Section ‘D’ Welsh Cob is the largest of the four, between 14.3 and 15.3. hands high (a hand is  four inches). The Welsh Cob is muscular and stocky without being too heavy, has a little fine ‘feather’ on its feet and is useful both as a riding horse and in harness. It is world famous for its mile eating trot, with the front legs being lifted high and thrown forward, which makes it spectacular to watch and is very comfortable to ride. They all show the ‘Arab’ influence and are full of quality and renowned as show horses the world over.

I became very interested  the ‘Western’  way of riding, finding it more relaxed and comfortable than the ‘English’ style. I bought my first Western saddle and have never looked back. My next horse, Sally or ‘Sal’ was a lovely golden dun part Welsh mare and she worked her socks off for  me doing long distance ‘Endurance’ rides in the mountains of Wales, including the most rigorous of them all the ‘Red Dragon’ where we rode over the ‘Graig Goch’  dam – an amazing feeling. 

Sally died a few years ago, aged 34, but I immortalized her in my story ‘Dancing With Fate’ about Terpsichore, Muse of Dance in the Wild Rose Press series ‘Song Of The Muses’.  I sent Terpsichore to 5th Century Wales and of course she needed a special horse – so Sal became a mount fit for a muse.  I also included Harri, my black purebred Section D cob in the story, and he became the hero’s horse.

Harri’s registered name is ‘Pentrepiod Sovereign’ but his previous owner called him  Harry’ the Engish form of ‘Harri.  He is one of the sweetest, kindest horses I have ever known.  My other horse is Flying T’pau, a chestnut and white American Quarter Horse/Welsh cross.  She’s a real prima donna and likes to be the ‘boss mare’, hiding what is really a sweet nature.. She is very intelligent and was broken completely Western and has never been ridden any other way. She loves doing exercises devised by Monty Roberts the famous ‘horse whisperer’ and will happily’ join up and follow me around the field and over obstacles and happily obeys voice commands.

Apart from Sal and Harri in ‘Dancing With Fate’, horses feature on my planet Niflheim which is featured in my futuristic romance novel ‘Starquest’ and the sequel ‘Children Of the Mist.’  Of course the romance between my heroine and hero is paramount, but for me the world would be a poorer place without animals, especially horses, and I usually manage to fit a horse or horses somewhere into my stories.


I write as Hywela Lyn, my real first two names, but I’m always called ‘Lyn’  Hywela is Welsh and I was born and raised in Wales and lived most of my life there until I moved to England when I married.  Riding my horses in the Welsh mountains gave me time to compose stories in my mind, and the beautiful wild landscape inspired the settings for many of my stories. 

I live in a small village with my husband Dave and our rescued dog Bouncer.  Harri and T’pau, my two horses, share their stables with two ‘feral’ cats, Milly and Molly, who are about as tame as wild cats could ever get!

 My books are available at Amazon and most on-line stores, and from my Author Page at the Wild Rose Press http://thewildrosepress.com/index.phpmain_page=index&manufacturers_id=138&zenid=29efa1716586a390beed3cfceb626efc

where you can also download my ‘Free Read’  the fantasy ‘A Bargain With Death’ which also features horses of course.

 I love to hear from readers and fellow writers and you can contact me at Lyn@hywelalyn.co.uk

My website is www.hywelalyn.co.uk and my Blog is www.hywelalyn.blogspot.com

 I also run a ‘fun’ Blog ‘The Author Roast and Toast, with my two dear friends and sister hostesses Sharon Donovan and Mary Ricksen.  We meet every Friday and torture (I mean host) an unsuspecting author.  It’s very interactive and casual and our guest is encouraged to promote her book during the fun and mayhem that ensues. Pop in and join the fun at http://www.authorroastandtoast.blogspot.com/


Lyn has shared some pictures of her beautiful horses.  I’m in love with the Welsh Cob!!!!

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An excerpt from my caliente story about a bullfighter and a socialite and the wonderful Andalusian horse:

Erica DeLongpre was living her fantasy.
At last, she was in Spain, in Andalusia.
And in lust.
She and tall, dark and handsome Damián Xérès rode the magnificent gray stallion bareback. This enticing man smelled of horses and leather, and he was all man, from the top of his head to the tips of his shiny riding boots—an enchanting journey of about six feet-two-inches. The horse’s silvery mane whipped in the breeze. Flowers spilled their scent into the morning. The sun on the white sand of the riding arena was blinding, like a dream.
She closed her eyes, pictured the man behind her. His brilliant white shirt, open at the neck, showed a sprinkling of dark hair on his chest. She leaned back pretending the strong arm lightly circling her waist hugged her tight against that muscled chest. As she rocked with the cadence of the horse’s canter, she imagined Damián’s firm, hot cock pressed to her butt. When she visualized how his erection would look in the tight riding breeches, a pleasant shiver glided over her.
Mustn’t let my imagination run away like this.
“Sit deep,” he said, and her fantasy became a reality as he slid closer.
His long legs molded to hers, stroked ever so slightly to the three-beat thud of hooves. Sweat broke on her brow. Her heart pounded in her ears, reverberating in her core. She should inch away from the hard pressure on her ass, but he felt too damned good. Images of turning around and doing him on the horse scrolled through her mind. She lost the rhythm of the stallion’s smooth gait and slid to the side.
Damián’s arm closed around her waist, steadying her. “We must work on your seat, Erica. You look beautiful on a horse, but you must become one with him.”
Thinking of becoming one with him—the man not the horse—caused the problem.

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