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Kathleen (known to her friends as Piks) has unwisely perhaps allowed me to interview her.  Here are some things you probably don’t know about her:

What is your greatest temptation?  Wow. What a question!

In men:
I’ll tell you what. I LOVE MEN. I think they’re strong, powerful, intelligent (I know I’m generalizing, but work with me here . . . ) fun, offer security and are easy to charm. I like their attention. I like making men laugh. I like sitting close and talking deep. That said, this does not mean I want to getla id–usually, far from it since I take being married seriously. LOL! However, I think it’s just fine to frolic in men’s energy. And, honestly, I don’t think they mind sharing too much, either.

In food:
Pasta. Every kind, every way, except no meat. I’m a vegetarian.

In clothes:

I love bikinis—though, not wearing them so much anymore at my age!  It’s probably because my mother cut my first bikini up into little pieces and handed me some god-awful, skirted, navel-high two piece.

What is your greatest weakness (example: buying shoes)?

Diamonds and big, chunky gemstones. I love the energy from the earth’s jewels.

If you could have any kind of car, what would it be?

Aston Martin. Navy blue.

I agree there Kathleen, but I’ll take mine in black!

Your dream home – mountains or ocean?

Ocean.  Hands down. I already have the house design. Lots of room for company.

Me too!  Me too!  Though I love the mountains as well.

What inspired you to become a writer?

Sister George Ann in eighth grade English. She introduced us to the poet, e.e. cummings. I’ve never been the same since.

Do you have a daily writing routine?  If so, please share.

Morning works best for me. I do my best to get up around 6—write for 2 hours. I can have a book finished in 6 months on this schedule.

What is your favorite book?      Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

What is your favorite movie? 

Oh, I have more than one: Contact. K-Pax. Avatar. Casa Blanca. Sophie’s Choice. The Big Lebowski. Ghost. Wuthering Heights. Pride and Prejudice. The Abyss. Caddy Shack. I know . . . stop, already!

Who is your favorite historical figure?

Thomas Jefferson. I wish I knew him. He was a scientist, philosopher, statesman, humanitarian and believed in true love. Oh, he also wore his hair long. He’s my man.

In your books, who is your favorite hero and please introduce him?

Bianca . .. you know we always love all our heroes the best. In ECHOES OF LOVE, Ian Marshall is my to-die-for, angsty and utterly romantic lover. But, right now, I’m smitten with Sam Wilson in the hero in my MYTHOLOGICAL SAM trilogy. Sam is my Clark Kent who hasn’t a clue how hot he is.  He’s about to morph into Superman any minute and doesn’t quite believe in the heavenly powers he’s earned. By the time the third book is finished, Sam will have saved the world, won the girl and kept us laughing the whole way.

Who is your favorite heroine and please introduce her? 

My favorite heroine (and again, it’s tough to choose!) right now is Maria Santiago. She’s about to be introduced in the Harlequin SuperRomance, WHERE IT BEGAN, being
released January 2012.

Maria is a young, beautiful Latina and a fabulous artist living in South Florida. She suffers from retro-grade amnesia from a boating accident in the Bahamas that killed her twin sister and her mother. I admire Maria’s granite-like determination in demanding her father instruct his sailboat captain to take her back to the scene of the accident to help jog her memory,
even though she’s now terrified of the sea. I also love how she dislikes this muscled, sexy boat captain, while feeling a pull towards him that she cannot explain. Yet, he surely can explain
it. The last thing he wants to do is return her to the scene of the accident, because if she remembers that tragic event, she will also remember that they are lovers and she is his fiancé.  The
worst is that if she learns his terrible secret, she will hate him more than she does now, and he will lose her love, forever.

What do you have out now?  Excerpt, blurb, book trailers

MYTHOLOGICAL SAM-THE CALL is getting all 5-Star reviews! I’m
thrilled with how Sam is being received, especially since I’m writing the story
based on a true-life experience of my own. (Story for another time!) Here’s the








ECHOES OF LOVE, the paranormal romance about lovers through time, has been reworked, has a wonderful new cover, and is available now as an e-book on Amazon and BN.com. (It’s out of print for the moment, except for used copies.)










Addressing the need for women to understand their financial world, I co-wrote with financial analyst, Gwendolyn Beck, to create FLIRTING
WITH FINANCE–a finance book written as a romance. This is a great how-to book teaching finance the fun way! Available at Amazon.com.





This fabulous anthology contains short stories from seven talented Florida Romance Writer (chapter of RWA) authors, including the amazing Heather Graham, Bonnie Vanak, Traci Hall, Veronika Levine, Michael Meeske, and yours truly. We compiled this book as a fund-raiser for FRW and it’s doing superbly well in the paranormal arena. This anthology is available at Amazon.com.

Where can eager fans find you?

Please come see me at my website: http://www.kathleenpickering.com  Lots of videos, photos and stories to tell there.

Also, please friend me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kathleenpickering and Twitter at: http://www.twitter.com/katpickering.  I’d love to hear from everybody!


PS: Thank you for chatting with me today, Bianca. I so enjoy when we meet at Heather Graham’s Writers for New Orleans conferences and
Romantic Times Conventions. Not only are you a wonderful talent, but spending time with you is always a delight. Your wit, insights and straight-laced
appearance (so very deceiving!) are never lost on me. Besides, you wear the greatest jewelry. It’s always a treat to see how you’ll be adorned next.  I look forward to the next time we meet!

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