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sinners20 (2)Welcome, Morgan, to Musings.  You’re quite the handsome man…tall, blonde and blue-eyed.  I just love men with long hair.  Well, anyway, on with the interview.  Have a seat and let me ask you my questions:

What is your greatest temptation:

In women:   All of them!  I love women to a fault.  I am a vampire and women fire all my senses.  Now, I am trying to be a good boy and focus my attentions on my beloved Isabeau and not finding it the challenge one of my kind would have expected.

In food:   Blood straight up, no ice.

In clothes:   The wardrobe on my profession is the tuxedo.  At my country estate in Devon, I relax into tweeds and sweaters or riding gear.  I’m an avid horseman.

What is your greatest weakness (example: buying shoes)?  Women are my greatest weakness…and necessarily blood.

If you could have any kind of car, what would it be?  I have the car I would drive, and Aston Martin Vanquish—black on black convertible—but I miss the candy apple red Jaguar XKE that drowned in Charleston’s Cooper River.

Your dream home – mountains or ocean?  Both.  I quite like Asheville, NC for mountains but my ancestral estate, Royal Oak, in Devonshire, England overlooks the ocean that batters its towers.

Who is your favorite historical figure?  Me. No, seriously, my friend and king, Charles II, whom I followed into exile after the English Civil War when usurper robbed England

Your story?

Our story belongs to Isabeau and me:

Morgan Gabriel D’Arcy is a classical pianist, an English lord and a vampire.  He has everything except what he desires most—a woman he has loved from the day she was born—Isabeau.

For centuries, he has cherished a dream—a race of immortal crossbreeds possessing vampire strength and human morals.  Ambition is not his most important motivation.  Love is.  When Isabeau, his chosen bride, was a child, he appeared to her as an angel and watched over her.  As the Angel Gabriel predicted, Isabeau is now a brilliant geneticist.  She has come of age, and Morgan is determined to marry her.  However, many forces oppose them, not the least of which is Vampyre law.  The Vampyre are viral mutations produced by a blood-borne pathogen that alters human DNA.  Mating between human and Vampyre is prohibited.  The offspring—

DarkeChildren—inherit a dangerous gene that drives them insane at puberty.

An enemy from Morgan’s distant past is stalking him. Paul d’Alembert seeks eye-for-an-eye justice, intending to kill Isabeau as once Morgan killed his beloved.  In fact, his enemies are rapidly closing in on them.  Will Morgan have time and an opportunity to make his dream come true—to sire a child on Isabeau?  Will he outsmart his enemies, protect her and escape death himself?  For the first time in eternity, the clock is ticking.


For almost four hundred years, I’ve witnessed miracles of technology and the political wars that reshaped the world’s destiny.  I’ve seen much to hate and a great deal worthy of forgiveness.  I was born May 29, 1632, the only son of the Earl of St. Averil and his Lady Ilsabeth de Gueraint D’Arcy.  He died at the Battle of Naseby fighting with Charles I.  My mother died alone in 1685.  By that time, an unnaturally long youth had forced me to fake my own death for the first time.  I watched from afar, unable to attend her funeral.

Yesterday, I was a celebrated pianist.  I learned my art on the harpsichord from an Austrian genius named Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.  Later, I studied with Liszt, Ravel and Debussy.  From the Duke of Newcastle then the Frenchman de la Gueriniere, I learned classical horsemanship.

Tonight, I am a wanted man.  Mortal justice would hang me for a crime I did not commit.  My brethren wish to destroy me for a crime I committed with willful intent.

It all began in December, a brief six months ago.  Actually, my saga began in 1659 before the restoration of Charles II, but that’s another story…

This is our story—Isabeau’s and mine—our Folie à deux.


Sinners’ Opera is available in print and ebook formats from Double Dragon Publishing and Amazon.    New York Journal of Books gave Morgan’s and Isabeau’s story a great review:

Sinners’ Opera is a beautifully written love story with vivid imagery, dry humor, sarcastic wit, and sensuous love scenes. The descriptions of Charleston bring that city to life. It’s also a fascinating journey through the psyche of a man who’s lived through the centuries but is now willing to die for the woman he loves and to bring his kind into the light of the mortal’s world.

And thereby hangs this tale of love, deception, murder, and revenge.”  READ ENTIRE REVIEW.


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