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Under my own name, I self-published my novella Night Before Doomsday on Smashwords Friday night.  It is not an easy process but I’m glad I took the time to do it.  My son Simon designed the cover which is the fallen angel Azazel’s sigil.  A free sample of the story can be downloaded.  http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/89525.  The book is about the Grigori, the angels sent to Earth to teach Man.  Nine-tenths of them succumbed to lust and fell from grace.  Night Before Doomsday (my son also gave me the title) is told in first person from the leader Azazel’s point of view.  I’ love your comments on the effectiveness of the teaser!

Now, for our Sunday quote, from the Wilde:

A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.


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Some people think seduction is all about sex.

“Come and get it, Big Boy!  “Don’t you want to do me?”

I see seduction as the act of making someone want something, NOW! PLEASE!

The way some people eat is seduction. Watching someone slowly enjoy every taste of a dessert can make me want to snatch it and eat it!

I can live without popsicles. HOWEVER, imagine this scene.

Sue smiled at the cherry popsicle. Anticipation made her unwrap it carefully and break it exactly in the middle. She loved the cold on her hot tongue, in her moist mouth.  Keeping each half in tact was important to her enjoyment, especially if she shared with Joe. The second she ran her tongue over the length, swirled it to catch the sweet flavor, Joe’s eyes would widen. Oh, yeah, he’d watch her slide the red ice into her mouth, then withdraw it slowly through her lips, avoiding her sensitive teeth. Joe would watch her as he ate his half in bites. She moaned at the flavor and pleasure of each slide as the sweet melted in her mouth. He’d groan because he wanted to feel her mouth on him.

See how long it took me to say what you were thinking?

Be honest. Would you have been any more seduced it I had said “Joe wanted her to suck his cock? I am not as seduced by blatant words as I am by words that appeal to my senses, taste, scents, and touch.

Joe wanted her hot, moist mouth on him, her rough tongue tasting every inch of his dick, her mouth taking him inside …

Teasing is important in storytelling and writing about sex for me. I want my readers to beg me to let the characters have sex!

Tess watched Bill eat his French fries. The man ate as though every bite tasted of sin and he was a sinner. She hadn’t had potatoes in months and wouldn’t let herself slide from her diet. But oh how she wanted to snitch just one from his plate.

“Want some?” he asked.

She gnawed her bottom lip.

“I’ll share.” His wicked grin made her smile.

“Just a couple,” she said, reaching to slide 2 from his plate.

“Uh-uh. “ He took one long fry from his plate and dredged it slowly through the ketchup as her gaze followed his long fingers.

“You’re killing me.” She moaned. Her taste buds were begging!

He leaned across the table and she leaned toward him, opening her mouth. The morsel stopped just before it reached her and he put one end between his shapely lips.

She licked her lips.

He leaned closer with another and dared her to bite the other end and take what she wanted.

TV commercials seduce us with scenes and products we want once we see them.  Many of us can be seduced by anything chocolate.  Our taste buds make us want things.  We crave the soft sheets we see because our skin remembers the way they feel against our skin.

I can be seduced by a good book. I have begun many a book with the intention of reading a few pages before bed. The best books kept me up all night because the author knew how to drop me into the palm of her hand and keep me there, promising myself I’d stop at the end of the current chapter, chapter after chapter.

Movies and TV shows do the same thing. I’ve promised myself I’ll run to bed in ten minutes and not start the next show. Right. One glance up at the wrong time or hearing one intriguing line can smash my good intentions and glue me to my seat for the entire show.  We want to know what will happen next and we often want to be in that story, in that scene.

Since I met Bianca in 1991 and were both writing back then, you might guess that I have a few completed novels.  I recently published two.

FOREVER LOVE, A NOVELLA, is set in South Georgia.  I loved writing about a nurse plagued by superstition and her old family nanny who prefers tonics and spells from an ancient Indian spellcaster to modern medicine. (If I had said Native American it wouldn’t sound right for the characters.) Watching Sabrina try to avoid Dr. Joe since he has returned to the small town hospital and now wants a romantic relationship with her made me smile as they played the courtship game.

Sabrina’s fear of the Demon Cat overshadows everything but the old journals she discovered that draw her into the ill-fated romance between a half-breed Indian and the daughter of a plantation owner more than 200 years ago. Nothing can overshadow the handsome, sexy, bossy, and playful Doc.

(Steamy love scenes)Available at Smashwords.com, Amazon,com, and Barnes & Noble.com.



When music teacher Sarah Overby found ghosts in her attic she hesitated to tell her best friend, William McKeown. She didn’t think he’d understand. He has looked after her for as long
as she can remember. Telling him he lived a previous life as her husband would make him think she was crazy.

William has adored Sarah forever, he just doesn’t realize this isn’t the first time he has loved her.  His feelings for his best friend are changing, but he doesn’t believe in ghosts, reincarnation, or lasting romantic relationships. He is a psychologist and he believes in things he can prove.

Sarah’s guardian ghosts are facilitators who renew their relationships with their charge.

Available at  Smashwords.com now, soon at Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.

If you leave a comment or ask a question you might win a download of one of these.  I’ll give away one of each.

Have a fun week!

PS.  I’ll give away a Hot Spanish Nights coffee mug—Bianca.

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