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Though I blogged on this topic earlier at another site, I thought I would repeat it on my blog — because I wanted to post something today!!

Making the switch from paranormal romance to erotica was a challenge I set myself.  The Wild Rose Press has a line called Destination Pleasure featuring hot encounters in exotic locales.  I woke up one morning with a story idea for the line and proceeded to write.

My first draft was a far cry from the heat level required for The Wilder Roses, and I hadn’t used any of the buzz words.  I was fortunate that the editor liked my story and worked with me to make it hotter erotica!

 I was reluctant to use the buzz words at first—calling a spade a spade—but as I went along it got easier.  In my second erotic novella, buzz words were a breeze, though I do find that it is hard not use the same ones ad nauseum.

For many years, I was a breeder of Andalusians, the beautiful, bullfighting horses of Spain.  For the first time, my hero wasn’t a vampire, fallen angel or otherworldly creature.  Damian is a rejoneador, a brave man who fights the fierce Iberian bulls from horseback.  He also manages the family’s sherry empire and is famous for his wins in the dressage arena.

Erica, the heroine, boards a plane with one thing in mind—finding the perfect horse.  Instead, in the heat of the Spanish nights, she discovers her own sexual awareness.

Hot Spanish Nights was fun to write because I had the experience with the horses, but getting into the bullfighter’s head was a little more difficult.  At length, he began to reveal who he was, other than a rejoneador. Like the oldest of fraternal twins, who succeeded to his position as king of their sherry and horse domain.

I stayed away from a scene at the bullfight because many people find the sport offensive, and bullfighting isn’t central to the plot.

 I am still writing paranormal—love those strange heroes—in fact just got a rejection from an agent that I really thought/hoped would represent one of my fallen angel manuscripts.  After I give myself time to lick my wounds, I’ll just shout NEXT.

 The Wild Rose Press has contracted a Wilder Roses novella about a fallen angel called Celestial Sin. I don’t have a release date yet but please check back!!

The hot hunk is Damian.  For more pix of him, take a look at the trailer on the Hot Spanish Nights tab.

Hot Spanish Nights was in the Top Ten in the Preditors and Editors Poll in erotica.

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