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The final tallies are out, and Celestial Sin is third amongst some very heavy hitters in erotica.   A big Texas WOOHOO!

For a video, blurb and excerpt, check out the Celestial Sin page on the blog and don’t forget to take a look at the erotic free read.

To celebrate, I’m giving away a free download.  Please be sure to leave contact information in your comment.

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From Ronda Tutt at Queen Tutt’s World of Escapism.

Drop by and see what Ronda has to say, just a hint:  “The connection between the characters was breathtaking and electrifying. I loved Cam-ael’s curiosity about everything and Essie’s was the perfect female, strong, yet tender when need be. Their erotic love scenes were steaming hot …”


NOTE:  The pix has nothing to do with Celestial Sin, but I thought this angel was SINFULLY beautiful.  Don’t know who the artist is, but it’s a fantastic work.

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From Celestial Sin:

Whoa, Essie, he’s an angel and a lot younger than you.

His feathers rustled as he unbuckled the fastenings under his arms and bent to place the armor on the floor. What did his ass, hidden by sleek white wings, look like? My, my, he was just too much for a girl to resist. She gave in to temptation, stroked the shiny, soft feathers. He backed into the caress, and a long sigh escaped him.

“That feels incredible.” His voice came husky, and butterflies hatched in her stomach.

Shakily, he turned to face her. Ginger hair spattered his chest, drew a thin line down his stomach, disappearing in the V-neck of the robe he wore beneath his armor. The loose shirt was thigh-length. The fabric appeared to be linen but with a subtle sheen.

“I’m afraid I can’t remove this.” He lifted a fold of the toga, giving her a tempting glimpse of his upper thigh, very near his cock. “I’m wearing nothing beneath.”



NEWSFLASH:  Celestial Sin has been nominated at the Preditors & Editors Poll in erotic novel.  Please vote here.

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Today is the last day to enter to win a beautiful necklace at my post on the Long and Short of It’s Blog Fest.  There is a picture of the necklace on the post.  Comment to win!  Winner will be drawn tomorrow morning and posted in a comment.  A lovely piece of jewelry for the New Year.

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Aside from the mundane, like what’s for lunch, when will laundry get done and has the dog been fed, my brain runs non-stop, hopping from thought to thought like the hobos of old hopped from train to train.

I see snippets like “there are more bagpipe bands in the U.S. than Scotland” and a story idea starts percolating in the back of my mind. Why not have a heroine who’s mad for all things Scottish meet and fall for an American bagpiper? Steeling my spine, I shove aside the tingling sensation at the base of my skull—the last thing I need is another story idea—and I
concentrate on getting through the To Do list that prevents me from completingmy next story.

The To Do list today calls for promoting my upcoming release, Riding Rodeo, from The Wild Rose Press. Lovely title, yes? The story is a contemporary western ménage romance. What a mouthful.


The last person Amanda Goodson expected to walk into her bakery was Sean Cassidy, the bareback bronc rider who rode her hard one night and left without a good-bye the next day. Since then, she’d sworn off one-night stands and cowboys, but one look at the man she called Rodeo leaves her hankering for another ride. 

A nasty injury ended Sean’s career and left him with nothing but time to contemplate past sins, especially the most damning one…walking out on Amanda, the one woman he couldn’t forget. Eager to right the biggest mistake of his life, he finds Amanda–and learns he has competition. Never one to back down from a challenge, he offers to fulfill her darkest fantasy–taking two cowboys for a ride.

When the dust settles, will Sean’s plan to win Amanda’s trust backfire or will she risk her heart for one more shot at Riding Rodeo?

This story was supposed to be a sweet romance, but because my brain never stops processing all the information it receives—even while I’m trying to work on other things—it turned into one hot read. In this case, I stumbled across the submission call for the Cowboy Kink line and then there was no denying the demand to make the obstacle in the romance between Amanda and Sean another man.

As a writer, I have a love-hate relationship with submission calls. They inevitably do their job and inspire story ideas, but did I mention the last thing I need is another story idea? The last submission call I read resulted in not one, but two pitches, both of which got my editor’s attention. On top of those two stories, I have not one, but three other works in progress.  They’re in different genres: contemporary ménage, fantasy romance with lots of sexual tension but no sex and vampire erotic romance. I flip-flop between them depending on my mood.

If that’s not enough, I’m a huge Good Wife fan and every damn show finds me writing hot little story snippets involving sexy lawyers. *Sigh.*

So tell me, if you’re a writer, what gets your creative juices flowing, and if you’re a reader, will you follow authors across genres?

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Celestial Sin got a super review from Sizzling Hot, and I’m happy dancing at 3:30 AM on a Monday.  This Monday isn’t going to be that bad!  I loved the reviewer’s synopsis of the story:  God is the ultimate creator. So how can Essie resist the one thing she is suppose to never have, but is created to be ultimately tempting? After all, humans fell from grace because of temptation…but with Celestial Sin right in front of her, can she risk being the reason an angel falls?

What the reviewer said:  Don’t let Celestial Sin fool you, this is one passionate, exciting story. I may never look at wings or feathers the same again. Camael coining the phrase “love on the wing” is worth checking out! I just hope I’m never faced with this type of temptation, because I don’t think I’m good enough to resist. But it sure makes for great reading!

Leave a comment for a chance to win a Hot Spanish Nights coffee mug (with the HOT cover).   Don’t forget to check back to see if you won.  While you’re here, check out the Celestial Sin page for the trailer and gorgeous cover.

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What is your greatest temptation:
In men: Laughter
In food: Scallops (or sugared doughnuts!)
In clothes: I love long skirts & vest tops

What is your greatest weakness (example: buying shoes)? Heeled shoes & boots

If you could have any kind of car, what would it be? Peugeot soft top

Your dream home – mountains or ocean? Mountains – we holiday every year in the gorgeous green mountains of Wales and I have yet to find a place I am more relaxed.

What inspired you to become a writer? I’ve always wanted to write but I never knew if I could, so I bit the bullet and submitted my first erotic romance to The Wild Rose Press – it was accepted, yay!

Do you have a daily writing routine? If so, please share. I have two young daughters, a husband, a dog and a part-time job….so I don’t have a routine but I do make sure I write at least 500 words EVERY day. When you put your mind to it, 500 is always possible but most the time you can do more. Try it!

What is your favorite book? Too many to mention…probably Nora Roberts Montana Sky is up there. As for erotic romance, I always enjoy Desiree Holt.

What is your favorite movie? Notting Hill

Who is your favorite historical figure? Anne Boleyn – that girl had fire!

 In your books, who is your favorite hero and please introduce him? My favorite hero is Sean Mackenzie who appears in my next story, “Coming Back” which is released by The Wild Rose Press on August 12th.
He is proud, sexy, quietly confident and totally in love with heroine, Kelly Hampton – they are perfect for each other and the heat between them…woo-hoo!!

Who is your favorite heroine and please introduce her? My favorite heroine is interior designer Laura Markham from my current release, “Explicitly English” – after a family tragedy she picks herself up and decides to take her life into her hands. Living for the moment, she gets on a train bound for the English countryside and her new client’s home. The super hot, super sexy fun starts on the way there and doesn’t stop…yum!

What do you have out now?
Explicitly English is out now from The Wild Rose Press, here is the blurb:

Laura Markham needs to forget – just for awhile. Be someone else for change – live as her parents will never have the chance to. And for Laura, that means leaving the City for the English countryside and doing just what the hell she feels like…wherever she feels like doing it…

British stockbroker, Stephen Cambridge knows by going home to his country retreat two days early, he’s likely to surprise his contracted interior designer. And when he finds out she’s the woman who performed the solo masterbation show for him on the inward bound journey, Stephen will do anything to further convince her to miss the outward bound train and stay with him forever…








New releases anytime soon?
My next release is out August 12th from The Wild Rose Press– Here’s the blurb for “Coming Back” – enjoy!

Kelly Hampton loved once…and lost. After two years of looking for Sean McKenzie in other men–and failing miserably–she takes a vow of celibacy. No sex until she finds love. Then Sean strolls back into her bar, reigniting old flames. No one has come close to understanding or satisfying her like he did. Her body burns for the passion they once shared, but her heart still remembers the pain.

Sean escaped Jessop Hill and his father’s fists in the middle of the night without a word–even to his love, Kelly–to protect his battered mother, but he never forgot the explosively erotic relationship he left behind. Now his father is dead and Sean is back for the only woman he’s ever wanted. Their reunion is full of fire – but can sexual attraction and noble intentions overcome years of heartache or will Kelly walk away to protect her heart this time.


Where can eager fans find you?


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