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The holidays are still in full swing, but Christmas and my birthday have passed and I am skiing toward New Year’s Eve.  We do have the day off, so I can write then take my time getting ready to go out.

 The plans at the moment are for three stag women to go to the Plaza Club whichs is atop One Shell Plaza and has a dynamic view of the city.  I wish it were black tie so that I could wear my long black dress.  That was the dress I wore when I met Rod Stewart in Galveston the first time we went to the Moody Gardens Inn for their NYE bash.  He was the “surprise entertainment”.  When he sang Maggie May, he came through the people scattered over the dance floor.  Face-to-face, close enough to kiss, we sang Maggie May for a split-second and a memory I’ll treasure forever.

 Meanwhile back at the Plaza Club, I intend to wear a pink, calf-link beaded dress with silver shoes and whatever wrap the weather calls for.  The weather in Houston has been very unpredictable.  Last night, it was windy and cold.  I stepped outside my condo today and it was much warmer and damp.  Last night, I wore my black velvet Captain’s coat and a sweater to dinner to celebrate my birthday.  Today, I donned a sweater and a quilted coat.  Overkill!  But I didn’t have time to go back inside and change clothes.  Work was calling.

 I’ve been hard at work (and it seems like forever with the Hols interrupting) on my rewrites for Celestial Sin about an angel, injured in battle, who falls into a woman’s arms and wants to stay there—forever.  It’s contracted with The Wild Rose Press where Hot Spanish Nights is available as well as Linda Nightingale’s Black Swan, a spicy vampire story about people who willingly submit to the vampire for the ecstasy of the Kiss.

 Happy 2011 everybody!

Tuesday Hunk (Travis Fimmel):

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I love writing the first draft of a novel—the white-hot stream of creation, words flowing and images of the characters moving through the scene that plays like a movie in my mind.  This is fun.  This is what writing is all about.  Isn’t it?

Editing is the pits!  I am currently editing the first book I wrote—the book of my heart, Sinners’ Opera, a paranormal romance.  Of all my heroes, Morgan Gabriel D’Arcy is my favorite.  He is a concert pianist, an English lord and a vampire.  The story is told in first person from his point of view and in third person from Isabeau Gervase’s (the heroine) point of view. 

An agent told me that the novel needed more on-stage action, so I am chopping the backstory I’d lovingly fed in slowly.  This is SO difficult because I’m slicing into Morgan’s voice.  But I do trust her advice, and she did say that she’d take a second look.  Since I need an agent, I’ve taken scissors to the manuscript.

 Here is the pitch for Sinners’ Opera

 Morgan Gabriel D’Arcy is a classical pianist, a British Lord and a vampire. For centuries, he has cherished a dream—a race of immortal half breeds possessing vampire strength and human morals.  Ambition is not his motivation.  Love is.  When Isabeau, his chosen bride, was a child, he appeared to her as an angel. As she grew to womanhood, he watched over her.  As the Angel Gabriel predicted, Isabeau is now a brilliant geneticist.  She has come of age, and Morgan is ready to marry her.  However, many forces oppose them, not the least of which is Vampyre law.  Mating between the Human and  Vampyre species is prohibited.  The offspring or DarkeChildren carry a dangerous gene that causes them to go insane at puberty.

 An enemy from Morgan’s distant past is stalking him. Paul D’Alembert seeks eye-for-an-eye justice, intending to kill Isabeau as once Morgan killed his beloved.   In fact, his enemies are rapidly closing in on them.  Will Morgan have time and an opportunity to make his dream come true—to sire a child on Isabeau?  Will he outsmart his enemies, protect her and escape death himself?  For the first time in eternity, the clock is ticking.

If you’d like to read a Morgan story, please visit http://www.lindanightingale.com and click on Vampire Hunt.  I’ve had good feedback on the story.  Hope you enjoy!

 PS  When the movie rights are sold (wishing and hoping!), Travis Fimmel looks as much like my vision of Morgan as I can find, though Johnny Depp was way sexy in The Libertine.

Thanks to Travis Fimmel for being so handsome.

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